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Dear Kelsey,

As I’m sure we all know, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) releases in a little over a month. But the worldwide phenomenon is far from over.

Twilight Series Covers Stephanie Meyer Bella Edward

Above: The Worldwide Phenomenon

It appears publishers (HarperCollins) have been extending the reach of the Twilight Saga far beyond their own covers and onto anything in public domain. Except Mansfield Park, apparently. HarperCollins Twilight Inspired Classics Book Covers Romeo Juliet Pride Prejudice Jane Eyre Wuthering Heights Bronte Austen Shakespeare

HarperCollins Twilight Inspired Classics Book Covers William Shakespeare Jane Austen Austen Midsummer's Night Dream Persuasion Emma Sense Sensibility

How well do you know your classics? See if you can match the tagline with the appropriate story:

The Love that Started it All
Love Casts a Spell
The Original Forbidden Love
Love is Blind
A Love Beyond Measure
Love Never Dies
Love is a Game
Love Defies the Rules
Forever is Only the Beginning
Love Conquers All

UK Twilight Inspired Classics Covers Wuthering Heights Jane Eyre Emily Charlotte Bronte

Strangely enough, these appear to be UK editions, but they’re the only ones I’ve actually seen in person. 

You can’t choose who you fall in love with
Bella & Edward’s Favourite Book

Kelsey, can you remember Edward ever mentioning a book?  

Twilight Inspired Classic Book Covers Persuasion Jane Eyre Northanger Abbey Austen Bronte

Surely I had to photoshop ONE of them, right?


Take a look: two of them are even from the same press! Bringing a whole new level to matching covers. 

This last item deviates slightly from the TwilLit theme, but I couldn’t resist including them (Partially because they match the color scheme, and partially because they’re marketed as The Classics: Now With Sex Scenes. Seriously.)

Wuthering Heights Bronte Austen Pride Prejudice Wild Wanton Classics Edition Pastiche

5 stars on Amazon! "Better than the Original!"

Wild & Wanton

Is it wrong that what bothers me most is the unevenly placed title ribbon?

Forever and Always,

Undyingly yours,


 Scarlet Letter Nathanial Hawthorn Twilight Inspired Cover