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Dear Maggie,

I completely believed I was going to post this up yesterday. I blame Downton Abbey. I was incapacitated by drama overload.

Last weekend, or I should say last Friday because I was too sick to go on Thursday or Saturday, I went to PNBA!

PNBA, Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Association, puts on a tradeshow once a year for regional book industry people. There are talks and panels on Thursday, and then Friday and Saturday are mostly devoted to the vendors, i.e. PUBLISHERS’ TABLES!!

I was very lucky to go as a bookstore employee, thanks to my lovely boss Deon at Sunriver Books (yeah, I’m plugging my workplace). The main goal of the publishers at these regional events is to encourage booksellers and librarians to stock their books and to showcase the new fall/winter/spring releases. This means lots of free ARCs (Advance Readers Copies). The first rep Deon was nice enough to introduce me to (Houghton Mifflin) heard I worked with YA and handed over a stack of six books. I was in heaven.

Deon had meetings to go to and people to see, so I was left to my own devices to wonder around in a sort of overwhelmed daze. So many books. So many people who liked books. So many people who liked books and were actually in the industry. Some of the tables had stacks of ARCs you could just grab while others only tempted you with pretty new hardcovers which you could NOT take (that was just mean. I wanted to smuggle out the entire penguin YA display).

I was like a kid in a candy shop, my eyes bugging out of my head. The funniest reaction to my over enthusiasm was at the Scholastic display. They had a hardback of Wonderstruck looking all pretty on the table and I asked if they had any ARCs, by chance, expecting a negative response. But they dug one out of a box and all I could say was, “For me??” I then spotted about four others I wanted. “Are you sure I can have them…all? Really? Yay!” I explained it was my first PNBA and their response was, “Yeah…we can tell.”

Behold my haul:

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel I could ask for two copies of things. BUT my books are your books, right? Think of all the things you can read over Christmas!

I’m also glad you were able to find The Daughter of Smoke and Bone so we can read it together! It was pretty much the first ARC I picked up at PNBA and the main one I wanted to get. I’m about half way through. I never thought I would say this, after my grand disgust in hush, hush, but angels in YA can be…actually interesting? Only when the story involves scary angels and friendly monsters!

Book club soon,