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So, Miss Maggie, as you know you lent me a ton of books before you moved to the far-off land of Colorado, including the lovely compilation called Dear Mr. Potter.










For the uninitiated, this is a compilation of letters written to Harry Potter/JKR from fans describing how much HP means to them and how the books have impacted their lives. It was published to coincide with LeakyCon and in time for the final movie. What is pretty awesome is all the money from the book sales goes to the Harry Potter Alliance’s literacy campaign. HPA is made of awesome.

So I innocently starting looking at this book: peaking at all the cute pictures, admiring the layout, reading the intro. Then I naively started reading the letters, thinking bland thoughts like, “Ah, aren’t these lovely?” The messages quickly wormed their way into my heart. By page thirty I was bawling. By page fifty-two I had to stop. It was a five-tissue reading experience.

Geez-louise, Mags. That book should seriously come with a warning label for tender-hearted Harry Potter fans.