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Dear Maggie,

In honor of Halloween, here are some of my favorite fantastic and fantastical characters/villains/monsters who give me the willies. In a good way:

The Weeping Angels: Hands-down the best monsters of Doctor Who. Don’t blink, or they will kill you nicely by sending you back in time.  The Silence should be scared.

Gas Mask Children: Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat knows how to do scary (he is famous for it, don’t cha know). And gas masks as a disease is just plain creepy.

Reavers: For the viewers, the reavers in Firefly are all about the fear of the unknown because, until the movie, we know so little about them. Except that they will eat your flesh and sew your skin into their clothing, of course.

The Gentlemen: The fabulous monsters from “Hush,” the silent episode of Buffy. They float, they grin with shiny teeth, and they have impeccable, silent manners as they steal your voice.

Angelus: What’s poor Angel doing on here? That’s not Angel, that’s Angelus and he’s freaking disturbing. It is the whole Jekle and Hyde effect plus your boyfriend going spontaneously evil. Not a good combo.

Yes yes, these are all from TV shows and not novels. They have pretty pictures and, unfortunately, my novels do not. Did you notice they’re all from the Whedonverse and Doctor Who? Yeah…they have the best monsters. Am I missing any good ones?

For me, few scary literary characters come to mind because I rarely read books whose main purpose is to frighten. No horror and Poe only when assigned. The same goes for my TV watching. I do enjoy the occasional thrilling episode and it’s something about seeing it on screen that, for me, can make it all the more spine-tingling. However, I like my chills and thrills supernatural and fantastical in nature. Give me some distance from those scary things, thank you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about real-life horror through monstrous metaphors.



PS As you’ve probably guessed, my main motivation for this post was so we could have all our favorite TV shows in the tag cloud!