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Dear Maggie,

Here are some cool, book-related things I found over the past couple of weeks in my wanderings around the Internet and, in one case, real life:

Cool Thing number one: this absolutely fantastic picture. It has been making the rounds on facebook and was forwarded to me by my friend Laura. Oh, I just love it. I wish every YA section had such a sign!

(Photo from Orca Books via Sarah Enni)

Speaking of YA, over at Walker Books they created an animated cover of their upcoming YA novel Daylight Savings by Edward Hogan. It’s strangely addicting, especially if combined with rainymood.com. Unfortunately WordPress wont let me embed flash, so click over to GalleyCat to see it.

A couple of days ago I went to see Chris Hardwick at Powell’s. Just one of the biggest professional nerd comedians out there, no big deal. He does a bajillion things, but I heard of him through his website, Nerdist.com, and his podcast of the same name. He has a book out now, thus the visit to Powell’s, which is a self-help book for nerds called The Nerdist Way (puns are nerdy, duh).

You can’t really beat an author event by a nerdy comedian. It felt like one big club meeting; everyone was already familiar with his stuff and Chris, as usual, constantly cracked inside jokes. I’ve got to say, it’s a bit surreal to see someone IRL who’s stuff you follow through the internet. Here’s my super crappy iphone picture to prove I was there:

One of my new favorite blogs is the Caustic Cover Critic. We all had a chuckle in class over his recent posts on the overuse of stock photos in covers (here and here), such as these mysterious fellows hanging out by a fence. Now I’m seeing repeated stock photos EVERYWHERE.

Though this is slightly old news, John Green finished signing every copy of the first printing of his upcoming book The Fault in our Stars. That’s 150,000 copies. Thank you John for your craziness! We’re all looking forward to our signed books in January.