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Dear Kelsey,

As I’ve complained before, the office where I work is currently under construction. Most of the time the noise is negligible, but once or twice a week, they have to cut down trees or jackhammer or demolish walls, which, of course, means I come home crabby and headachey. 

I’m sure you can see where this is going. On top of the construction, today was One Of Those Days: overslept, ate nothing but sugar, long meetings. And I came home with no post ideas (beyond the huge list I add to when I have an abundance of ideas) and completely unwilling to exert the energy to formulate a post.

Screw it, I thought, I’ll write one later. Tomorrow, as Scarlett would say, is another day. (And yes, even in a horrible mood, I’ll quote Gone with the Wind). So I snuggled down with my Tumblrs and YouTubes determined to ignore the nagging guilt of procrastination.

And, while catching up on my backlogged TEDTalks, I watched this video of Susan Cain on introversion.

If you watched the video (and, yes, its 20 minutes long, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TEDTalk that wasn’t worth the time), I’m sure you’re drawing all sorts of wildly appropriate conclusions. I did literally (and with the proper usage of the word) bring a suitcase full of books to a birthday party* and very vocally proclaim that reading together counts as a social activity.

However, the real reason I’m sharing this is not because there are all-too-many resonances between my life and Susan Cain’s, but because it inadvertently targeted the real source of my headache.

The construction noise really wasn’t all that disruptive. Instead, I was reacting against my recent tendency to shamelessly self-promote every project I’m working on. Post on a regular schedule, comment frequently, promotepromotepromote.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore this project and I love that we’re (finally) starting to interact with other blogs. But, like Cain indicates, people need time alone to write and think and be creative—and, apparently, they need that space in the virtual world, too.

Ultimately, I guess, it’s a matter of perspective: instead of writing this post because it was Tuesday, I wrote in order to collect my thoughts on an inspiring video (something that has happened more than once today, actually).  The desired outcome of a post on the right day was the same, but one would have been post for the sake of a wider audience and this one was for me.

I realize in saying that that it seems to place unnecessary value on one kind of post or the other, which I don’t really agree with. I’m just trying to argue that a balance is important, and it took Cain’s philosophical discussion on societal value to place it in the proper perspective.

Anyway, hope this made some kind of sense. I feel like it was overly dramatic and scattered but, yeah, it’s just been that kind of day. If you want to see something polished and thoughtful, you should probably just watch TEDTalks videos 😉



*But really. How was I supposed to know what I’d want to read next?!