Dear Maggie,

So I’ve been compulsively gathering book-related links from around the wild and wooly Internet and I just couldn’t keep them to myself any more. Also, I’m hoping all the shiny, pretty things will distract you from the distinct lack of a real post.

Shiny Thing #1: Tattered Cover’s Pinterest

Oh, Tattered Cover’s Pinterst, you are a thing of beauty. I just joined pinterest and if I’m not careful all my pins will simply be repins from the Tattered Cover.

Original Source: graceewhite over on flickr

Original Source: Tim Walker Photography

Can you believe my restraint in posting only three of their pictures? You should be proud.

Pride and Prejudice Scarf

Can you imagine waltzing into your Jane Austen final with this scarf? “Yes, Professor, I just like to ponder my scarf as I answer questions about chapter 60”

Source: storiarts on Etsy

Obvious State’s Literary Prints

I find all manner of fun things via Booklicious’ blog, but I particularly like these prints she found on Etsy. How can you beat stellar design skills combined with witty literary quotes? Go check out all of Obvious State‘s prints, but my favorite is:

You can’t beat Mark Twain.

Literary Devices…Literally

This is how we should have been taught about Literary Devices in school. Thanks to Grant Snider over at Incidental Comics.

Go Away. I’m Reading.

Do people keep bugging you in the coffee shop or on the bus, asking you about your book and all you want to do is FINISH THE LAST 20 PAGES. You may be in need of these book covers. YA writer Erin Bowman and her friends provide these printable PDFs so you too can now read in peace.

Out of Print

I found this clothing website. It is all book-themed clothes, all the time. If their shirts were set at threadless prices, I would wear nothing else.

There you go, lots of shiny things.