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Dear Kelsey,

One of the best parts of working in publishing is seeing something that YOU helped with actually become a reality. Like this book cover:

The Path to Zero, Book Cover, Richard Falk, David Krieger

This was the first cover I was in charge of at work. I started working on the photo research and thought “how cool would it be if the “O” in “Zero” ended with the sun!” so I passed along my notes to the editor and cover designer, who both loved the idea, and then did some tricky negotiation to convince the authors that they loved it too. 

And now it’s a book. It’s a real book with a real cover that you can really buy in a real store AND I HELPED!!

Speaking of help…

Book Acknowledgments, Maggie Faber, Tom Cronin, Michael Genovese, Leadership Matters,

As my dad said: "That's great! William E. Rosenbach is finally getting his due recognition!"

THIS IS ALSO IN A REAL BOOK. alsklajkf/;slv/owa;ajse’pafa/lsjfcwq[d0!1!!!!



P.S. Lest you think publishing is all about glamour and seeing your name in print…