Dear Kelsey,

I’m sure you’ve suspected this lately. I’m in a book funk. 

I went to the library this weekend and only checked out ONE book. Stopped reading it almost immediately. Went to the bookstore (on PAYDAY) and NOTHING caught my eye. 

I haven’t been able to indulge in a full-scale book funk for quite awhile—I’ve always had reading assignments and essay deadlines, and there was no time to sit around listlessly and whine “but I don’t WANNA read Faulkner!” …Oh you’ll read it and you’ll like it, missy! (and I did)

The thing about a book funk is that the oh-yeah-I-always-wanted-to-read-that-someday books aren’t really an effective cure. Idly staring a book that sounds okay only leads to idly quitting a few minutes or a few hours later. And trying to force interest in a book you’re just not into is horrible. You try way too hard, it never lasts, and it just adds to the general dissatisfaction. Oh, sorry, was I talking about books or my ex-boyfriend? ba-dum ching.

…Although, to be honest, my last major relationship was with a novel anyway, so it’s not like there’s much of a difference. AND BY THE WAY MISTBORN I’M STILL DOING JUST FINE AND BY THE WAY I DON’T MISS YOU AT ALL.

Seriously, though. I need a rebound book. Some sexy young bestseller to get me to say “yes I said yes I will yes.” I need to find a book to fall into mad obsession with. 

Any recommendations?

…and yeah, this post is late. It’s a book blog and I’m in a book funk. What else would you expect? 😉