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An Academic Publisher and a Publishing Academic

Welcome to Blue Black Ink! This is a co-written book blog with a very loose definition of “book.” Our goal is for each of us to post every other week. Our posts will focus on our Book Club, any other books we’re reading, our experiences in publishing, our personal lives, and book-related news. Feel free to comment, make suggestions, and join the discussions.  Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Hi! My name is Kelsey and I’m a bookaholic. So much so that I’m dedicating two years of my life to getting a MS in book publishing at Portland State University. I am also a bookseller and book buyer for the independent bookstore Sunriver Books and Music. I love everything about books: the stories, the art, the covers, the paper, the ink, the stores, the websites, the communities, and the discussions. I can stay up all night reading and I can talk (or write!) for hours about books.

Being a book geek is a symptom of being geeky about many other things as well. I apologize in advance for any extraneous nerdiness that may leak onto this blog.

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I graduated from a small, liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest with a degree in English Lit and Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture. I was qualified for exactly one thing: working with books. So I packed up and moved across the country (okay, a few states over) for the Denver Publishing Institute, where I landed a job at an small independent press in the Midwest. I started as a part-time Publishing Apprentice (yes, an actual apprentice) and moved up the ranks to an Associate in Acquisitions and Marketing. (I will probably always regret that I was promoted to “Associate” rather than “Journeyman.”) Then, despite “never ever ever not ever” wanting to work with numbers, I immediately became numbers girl when I was asked to become our new Business Manager. My CPA mother cried when I told her. Not because she was so proud of me, but because she was laughing so hard.

Unlike Kelsey, I don’t apologize for the extraneous geekery.
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